Fuel Preparation, Conveying & Handling Systems

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Fuel Preparation, Conveying & Handling Systems

In line with our philosophy of offering complete system packages, Wellons provides fuel receiving, preparation, and conveying equipment for delivery both to and from the storage bin. This equipment can be provided in an array of combinations which may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Fuel Reclaimers

  • Belt, Screw, and Chain Conveyors

  • Infeed Hoppers

  • Classification Stands

  • Screens

  • Hogs

  • Bucket Elevators

Biomass Fuel System


Fuel System Conveying Equipment Installation

Fuel Reclaimers

Wellons can design and manufacture a receiving live floor reclaimer that will receive fuel from a self unloading truck and discharge into a conveying system for delivery to fuel classification equipment. The live floor reclaimer can be configured for a self unloading truck to back up to the receiving end without ramping up. The receiving section of the reclaimer would be approximately 4’ below grade. The reclaimer would be provided with a variable speed controlled drive motor to be able to receive and convey fuel at a rate greater than the discharge rate of the self-unloading trucks. The reclaimer is provided with structural steel supports and metal plate side-walls with removable panels for equipment access and general clean-out under the reclaimer chains. The inclined reclaimer has heavy duty conveyor chains with wings, and UHMW wear strips supported on a steel floor plate. A shear wall is provided at the discharge end of the reclaimer to direct the fuel into the receiving take-away conveyor.

Biomass Fuel Conveyor


Conveyors for fuel handling can be provided before and after classification, for fuel delivery to the storage bin and delivery to metering surge bins. Depending on the type of conveying needed, Wellons can provide belt, screw or chain conveyors specific to the customer’s needs. Troughs, trough liners, supports and covers are available.

Biomass Fuel infeed Hopper

Infeed Hoppers

Wellons provides infeed hoppers for front end loaders and automatic conveyors. Our infeed hoppers are constructed of heavy duty steel plate and come complete with outfeed screws and covers, where necessary.

Biomass Fuel Classification Stand

Classification Stands

Although the fuel supply delivered to the facility is typically expected to meet the fuel specifications, a disk screen and hog can be provided. A fabricated steel chute provides the transition from an infeed conveyor to the disk screen and hog at the classification stand. The classification stand consists of a steel and concrete structure with machinery supports, platforms, and stairways as required. The classification stand is provided with a metal enclosure and maintenance access.

Salem Equipment Bark Hog

Bark Hogs

The heavy-duty hammer hog is a Salem Equipment unit. Any oversized material from the disk screen is top fed onto rotating hammers which swing free about a horizontal axis. Material discharged from the hammer hog is discharged onto the vibrating conveyor.


Disc Screens

The disk screen is a Salem Equipment unit, with disks spaced to screen for 3 inch minus material. Material that passes through the disk screen is discharged onto an outfeed conveyor. Material rejected by the screen is discharged to a hammer hog.


Bucket Elevators

Centrifugal type, continuous belt, bucket elevators are available with Wellons fuel handling systems. A fabricated steel discharge chute delivers the fuel to the inlet at the center of the Fuel Storage Silo roof. Maintenance access to the conveyor head section is via caged ladder from the top of the storage silo.

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