Boiler System Control Upgrades

Wellons is continually advancing the controls and components provided with our boilers control systems. As new computer equipment, instrumentation, logic controllers and other hardware and software become available, Wellons control system design evolves and advances to take advantage of the improved performance and features that these control system components can provide.

The following are all part of today’s Wellons control systems that may not have been available during the original boiler installation.

  • Enhanced HMI displays

  • Increased trending and data collecting features

  • Increased reporting features

  • Smart transmitters

  • Ethernet data transfer and remote monitoring capabilities

Over time, various electrical, electronic and computer components become obsolete, with replacement parts increasingly difficult to obtain, with fewer original factory technical resources available when problems do arise.

Wellons can evaluate your current boiler control system and make recommendations and perform upgrades to more current hardware and software. Services can range from identifying and supplying critical parts, conversions from pneumatic controllers to electronic controllers, computer & control software upgrades, to a complete control system upgrade with our most current designs.

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