True Capacitance Moisture Meters (TCS)

TCS continues the Wellons tradition of providing the best possible lumber dry kiln technology. Features include:

  • Accurate moisture content measurement above and below fiber saturation.

  • Integration with Wellons WINKILN control software.

  • Automatic kiln shutdown when final moisture content is reached.

  • Full utilization of CMZ exit air control benefits, with six or eight unit systems available.



True Capacitance Moisture Meter System (TCS) has the unique ability to accurately determine moisture content of the sampled lumber both above and below fiber satura­tion. The transition through fiber saturation is known to be a critical stage of the drying schedule, but until now knowing when this is occurring has been by conjecture alone.With TCS, schedule development and refinement is both easier and more precise.


Systems with either 6 or 8 units are avail­able, to accommodate shorter and longer kiln lengths. Sensor units consist of two plates 48" long, placed approximately 15 courses apart. This arrangement provides greater sampling range and accuracy than previously available .


The system provides automatic kiln shutdown based on actual moisture content versus time and is accurate to near 1%. In addition,operator decisions such as when to initialize equalizing or conditioning can now be based upon actual moisture content readings, instead of time alone.


TCS easily ties in with both new and existing Wellons CMZ dry kiln control systems, and works in conjunction with TDAL to provide better control of the drying process than ever before.


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