The Wellons hog fuel storage and unloading systems use a live floor design, and feature Wellons hydraulically operated super heavyduty design for high volume discharge.

The unloader assembly can be configured as a totally enclosed bin with infeed fuel delivery by roof top conveyor; or as an open bin with fuel delivery by a wheeled loader.

The following is a summary of equipment typically included with the live floor fuel bin:

  • Embedment steel
  • Transverse screw (1)
  • Rake style fuel unloading system
  • Fuel unloading hydraulic power unit and cylinders
  • Spike roll and drive with motor
  • Fuel unloader trough with unloading screw
  • Fuel bunker rake embedment steel
  • Fuel bunker inclined wall embedment steel
  • Fuel bunker cylinder anchor
Biomass Live Floor Fuel Bunker
Biomass Live Floor Fuel Bunker

Hydraulic Live Floor Scraper Outfeeder

Hydraulic Live Floor Scraper Outfeeder

The fuel bin consists of a fuel unloader (live floor) area with an opening on one end to discharge the fuel. It is possible to have a fuel unloader with or without a bin enclosure.

Wellons scope of supply typically includes 8 rakes, 8" x 10" cylinders and 1 twin pump hydraulic power unit.

Hydraulic cylinders are HYCO cylinders, 10’’ bore, 20’’ stroke and rated at 3000 psi.

Also included is the steel guard wall between the conveyor and the cylinders.

The hydraulic power unit includes the following: 1 hydraulic pump, 400 gallon oil tank, and electric motor. It will be sized to feed the boiler continuously at maximum load.

Feed Storage Bunker

Feed Storage Bunker Rakes

The fuel bunker is sized to suit the customers requirements, for approximately 130 units it will be 40' wide by 65' long. Wall construction is by the customer.

50-feet will be used for effective storage. The other 15-feet will house the hydraulic cylinder room.

Average fuel depth varies and is evaluated to be between 15’ and 17’.

A roof structure can also be added as an option if required.

Biomass Live Fuel Building

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