50 Years of Experience

A recognized leader in lumber dry kiln technology, Wellons combines superior kiln design, engineering and fabrication with state-of-the-art control systems.

For more than 50 years, Wellons has provided steam generating plants and lumber dry kilns to the forest products industry and currently has more than 1,300 steam-heated lumber dry kilns in operation, producing high quality lumber for our customers. By offering a full range of products of our own design and manufacture, we are able to offer integrated systems combining a wood-fired boiler plant with lumber dry kilns and electrical cogeneration.

Wellons has developed the most significant advance in lumber drying of the last 50 years – Computerized Multizone Control. Our multizone, computer controlled lumber dry kilns have demonstrated improvements in moisture content uniformity. Better grade recovery, faster schedules, reduced energy consumption and increased drying efficiency.

As our customers' needs have grown or changed. Our engineering, manufacturing, design, construction, and procurement capabilities have expanded to provide a full range of services. Smooth, efficient operation depends on a system being properly designed, manufactured and installed. Wellons' seasoned, experienced technical personnel and modern manufacturing facilities provide this assurance.

Track Loading Lumber Dry Kiln

The Wellons Kiln System

Wellons' technology and experience has taken the mystery of kiln drying lumber and turned it into a precise drying science. Our attention to detail, philosophy, and our innovative zoned control technology assures you of the finest lumber dry kiln available today.

Wellons Track Loading Lumber Dry Kilns

Attention to Detail

Wellons has developed a solid, tight structure with low maintenance requirements. Details such as insulated vents, tight door seals, and lift-out rails help to minimize steam leaks. The insulated, aluminum, pre-fabricated housing and corrosion resistant, coated interior promotes longevity of both the exterior and interior of the kiln. Placement of baffles and clear airflow spaces create uniform airflow patterns which produce narrow moisture distributions in the lumber and permit the use of low operating horsepower. These and other elements make the Wellons kiln the industry standard - a proficient, rugged piece of machinery.

Computerized Multizone Control (CMZ)

The state-of-the-art in lumber drying is the Wellons multizoned computer controlled kiln, which uses the temperature-drop-across-the-load (tdal) principle to monitor and control the entire drying process. Optimum drying rates are achieved by the use of multiple electronic sensors which send data to the computer for automatic evaluation and reaction according to the schedule specified. Updated conditions are monitored every few seconds assuring smooth changes throughout the drying process. All information is displayed in a format that is understandable at a glance and operations are quickly and easily executed.

Our control system produces consistently high-grade charges of lumber and faster, more uniform drying to meet the demand for better lumber.

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The Heat System

Uniform heat distribution within the kiln is achieved by zoning of the lumber charge. Rugged steel coils, pre-assembled and pre-tested before shipment, are designed and positioned for optimum temperature balance and heat distribution throughout the kiln chamber. Steam piping connections are fully welded to prevent leakage. Venting system hardware is located within the kiln, eliminating the need for rooftop adjustments and maintenance. Control valves and venting are automatically controlled by the computer control system as it senses and responds to the changing drying status of the lumber in each zone.

The Fan System

The Wellons cross shaft fan system is proven and efficient circulating air uniformly, and when coupled with our baffling system, assures the passage of air through the load rather than around it. Wellons offers different fan packages for each customer's specific needs. Both internal and external motors are available with either four or six blade aluminum fans, housed in our rolled shrouding.

The internal cross shaft fan system offers in-kiln motors for high performance and low energy consumption. The motor mounts are aerodynamically shaped for direct motor attachment to the fan without disrupting the path of the airflow inside the kiln. The motors are specially encased for protection against the high temperatures and corrosive elements found in a kiln environment.

The high performance external motor fan system offers rugged construction and a smooth operating, high velocity air flow without jeopardizing kiln reliability. A large diameter fan shaft is supported by multiple split bearings on a sturdy support system. The motors are mounted on easily accessed catwalks that span the length of the kiln.

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