The state-of-the-art in lumber drying is the Wellons multizoned computer controlled kiln, which uses the temperature-drop-across-the-load (tdal) principle to monitor and control the entire drying process. Optimum drying rates are achieved by the use of multiple electronic sensors which send data to the computer for automatic evaluation and reaction according to the schedule specified. Updated conditions are monitored every few seconds assuring smooth changes throughout the drying process. All information is displayed in a format that is understandable at a glance and operations are quickly and easily executed.

Our control system produces consistently high-grade charges of lumber and faster, more uniform drying to meet the demand for better lumber.

Wellons' own computer specialists have developed the operating software and customize the program for each customer's specific needs. As the program is enhanced and upgraded, the new version is made available to every Wellons customer. This means that whether built today or in years past a Wellons kiln remains the industry standard.

Coming Soon: Winkiln Evolution, the next level of integrated kiln and plant controls. Please call for details!

Wellons Lumber Dry Kiln

Moisture content can vary widely in a green kiln charge.

CMZ places heat where it is needed to bring the charge to a uniform moisture content and drying rate.

With CMZ, drying times improve, standard deviation is reduced, and degrade from the drying process is minimized.


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