Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)

Wellons provides continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMs) for both new and existing installations. High quality components are combined with Wellons engineering and software capabilities to meet specific monitoring requirements of each application.

Opacity and NOx monitoring systems (CEMs) meeting EPA requirements are provided to monitor and record opacity, CO and NOx emissions levels in the boiler system exhaust stack.

The Wellons CEM system is capable of data storage and reporting of the 30-day rolling average and hourly average ppm, lbs/hr and lbs/day of any or all monitored pollutants.

The system also provides estimated fuel use data calculated from steam production as recorded by the boiler control system. A stack-mounted exhaust gas flow monitor is provided as part of the CEM system.

Biomass Boiler Illustration

System Performance

Wellons' ability to offer environmental services is the result of a long history of emphasis on providing systems with low emissions, minimum waste disposal requirements and high efficiency. Many standard features found in Wellons system installations are now routinely required to meet today’s environmental regulations.

Char Reduction

Many wood-fired combustion system designs and operating modes result in high levels of char (unburned fuel), requiring re-injection or disposal. Patented technology developed for Wellons’ own wood-fired furnace designs can be utilized to reduce char from existing systems.

The Wellons char burner technology can effectively reduce disposal requirements while recapturing lost energy and returning it to the boiler furnace. The dual benefit of reduced fuel and reduced disposal requirements is achieved.

Combustion Performance Improvements

Wellons can review existing systems and recommend modifications and upgrades to improve combustion performance and reduce emissions. Wellons engineering and modifications are available for many older, existing system designs.

Engineering Support & Consulting

Today’s environmental regulations include extensive permit application requirements for predicting emissions rates, specifying control and monitoring equipment; and establishing design and operating criteria to meet new emission regulations. Wellons provides engineering services to assist customers with these permit application processes.

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