Direct Fired Systems

Systems, based on the proven Wellons cell furnace, are available with ratings up to 250 MM BTU/Hr gross heat output. Typical system configurations supply up to four rotary dryers through high-temperature, insulated, refractory-lined, steel-cased ducts.

High temperature gases are also ducted through a wellons designed and manufactured thermal fluid heater and are exhausted back to the furnace system or to a damper-controled emergency stack.

A blending chamber mixes furnace combustion exhaust gases with ambient air to obtain the desired dryer inlet gas temperature.

The Wellons wood-fired heating system integrates the proven cell furnace, storage bin, thermal fluid heater, fluid circulating systems, and auxiliary equipment into a reliable, high-quality, easy to operate system. Wellons' installation and service capabilities offer the assurance of a properly installed and maintained system.

Wellons Direct Fired Biomass Energy System

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