High Temperature Southern Yellow Pine Kiln

High Temperature / Southern Yellow Pine Kilns

Wellons excels in proven design, manufacture and installation of kilns for high temperature, high performance lumber processing. Our commitment to quality for extreme applications is the logical extension of our philosophy of manufacturing hardworking, rugged equipment.

The Wellons external cross shaft fan system is used exclusively for these applications. The heating system is designed with more control zones and heating surface area is increased. Joints and connections are given special attention to ensure tight closure with minimal leakage.

Like our standard kiln, our high temperature kiln is designed for optimal operator control, low maintenance and easy access. The platforms that support the control valves and external motors are provided with catwalks and stairways for safe and convenient access. As with all Wellons kilns, fan decks are clear and accessible from end-wall access doors for quick and easy inspection, adjustments or maintenance.

Wellons Kiln Vents
High Temperature Southern Yellow Pine Kiln Illustration

System Benefits

  • Wellons CMZ control system with WINKILN software

  • High capacity heat systems.

  • High capacity fan systems.

  • TRUMARK-Evo Moisture Meter Systems.

  • Sturdy structure and housing capable of withstanding the stresses of high-temp drying schedules.

  • Extra heavy duty trucks and bunks to accommodate heavier cribs and more frequent cycles.

  • Many other standard features are included with all Wellons kilns including Toshiba motors, Fisher valves, Smithco fans, and the Wellons proprietary features that make our kiln the best available anywhere.

Kiln Remodels

Wellons can upgrade an existing kiln operation by applying the cutting-edge technology we build into every new Wellons kiln. Such a remodel might include computerized multizone controls, heat systems, fan systems, housing and roof remodels or some combination of these.

Engineering installation service

Wellons offers engineering and installation service for a complete project. This includes kiln studies, foundations, building construction, control and computer room, heat systems, fan systems, computer system, controls and i/o panels, steam main and condensate systems, start-up services, operator training and field service for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Parts & Service

Our parts and service department can provide replacement parts, maintenance and repair services as well as modification and upgrade equipment and expertise to completely meet your service needs. Wellons also provides the supplemental equipment to complete a drying system operation - door carriers, rail, lift-out rail, trucks and bunks, control and computer room, fairlead sheave assemblies, cooling sheds and access catwalks.



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