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Along with the considerable experience that Wellons has supplying biomass energy systems and lumber dry kilns for projects in North America, we also supply systems and services for projects in the Russian region.

Wellons.RU is the representative agent of Wellons and maintains an office in Moscow, Russia which actively pursues projects throughout the Russian Federation.

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Wellons International

Wellons offers the following equipment and services for Wellons Russia projects:

    • No cost preliminary evaluation of the project.

    • Equipment for complete systems or packages of critical system components with partial local supply.

    • Complete documentation as part of our standard scope, such as:

      Mechanical installation drawings

      Foundation design information

      Electrical design information

      Technical documentation to assist with importation and permitting requirements

      Operation and maintenance manuals

      Translation services

    • Technical assistance with installation and commissioning.

    • Operator training.

    • Ongoing technical support via remote access and on-site service, and complete spare parts services.

    • Containerizing and shipping.

Wellons Russia Sales Inquiries

Please contact:

Mikhail Tokarj
General Director

+7 903 130-34-20



Fuel Flexibility

Along with wood waste, Wellons furnace systems can utilize a variety of alternative biomass fuels, such as:

    • Brown coal

    • Bagasse

    • Sludge waste from the pulping process

    • Some agricultural waste products

Wellons International

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